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We are the creators of the world's only behavioural based growth mindset assessment -
The 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset Assessment!


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agility . innovation . change . new product development . sustainability . project management . customer engagement

business development . transformation . lean production . strategy . process improvement . performance management

environment . diversity & inclusion . design thinking . leadership . sales excellence . investment . food & beverage

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Smart Selection

Finding a person with the growth mindset has not been easy - until now! Select Smartly with our 5DGM reports. They are created with different job roles so that you can be sure what the person's mindset is towards the job - and where he/she is strong and where he/she needs to develop.

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Discerning Development

Building and sustaining the growth mindset is important to ensure the continued development of the organisation. Develop Discerningly all your people with a customised program based on the organisation's vision, mission and objectives.

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Talented   Transformations

Transforming an organisation or an industry requires tremendous thoughtfulness, talent and tenacity. Build the growth mindset and use that to springboard solutions for the future!


About Us

Growth Consulting Asia is a boutique consultancy comprising subject matter experts in organisational transformation.

We are the creators of the world's first and only behavioural assessment tool for the growth mindset and we use that as the fundamental means to deliver results.

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Success Stories


Following a potentially fatal incident on an oil platform, an oil major in an ASEAN country realised their organisation structure was not supporting the engagement of the workforce. We were called in to look into the organisation structure, propose a new operational frame, assess the adequacy of the competency framework and align them with new roles. Successfully launched this for the 1,600 staff within 12 months!


A major global F&B fast food company approached us to create a full leadership development curriculum for three levels of employees despite having a global L&D team.  They wanted something that was culturally and geographically aligned. Through a co-creative process, we created a robust 3-level , 24-module leadership development curriculum that is supported by coaching within the whole organisation. It was successfully rolled out in 2019


While CEO of SCALA, our Founder designed and implemented an industry transformation programme that created new capacity and capability for the logistics and supply chain industry. By understanding the challenges faced by the industry, he created a curriculum that included customer management, strategic innovation, design thinking and business modelling. At the end of one year, close to 50% of the hiring companies reported building new revenue streams!

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