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You have heard of the growth and fixed mindsets, right? What about the 5 Dimensions that drive these mindsets? And about the transitional stage between fixed and growth? Not only have we refined the concept of the growth mindset, we have also created a proprietary assessment for it! 


Strategic Thinking: The Right Decision EVERY Time

Many people judge the rightness of their decisions based on its outcome. But that is not the basis for the right decision and in this programme, we uncover different decision sciences and management concepts to make the right complex decision every time!

5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset

Our Specially Produced Products

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Design Thinking

As you know, design thinking is a customer-centric problem-solving methodology. Learn the different techniques to drive business growth starting with how the customer interacts with your product and service all the way to how you can work with your customers to co-create the solution for other customers!

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Expert Negotiation

What if you could negotiate without having to negotiate? What if you can confidently walk away from a deal and into a better offer? All these come with a lot of planning, and that is what we focus on. Of course, we will not forgot aspects of personality and influence in this programme! A very interactive, role-play filled programme!

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