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Consulting Case Studies


Change Management

An oil major in an ASEAN country faced operator unhappiness with a proposed change in platform duty roster. It was previously 7 days on and 7 days off, and now it was to be 14/14. While on the surface, the status quo had been maintained, but on the operators' personal life arrangements, there would be upheavals. There were threats of boycotting this change. That was when the company approached us to create and roll out a change management programme to ensure that this change proceeds without incident. After 9 months on the job, and encountering all 1,000 operators and technicians, the change to 14/14 not only went without a hitch, it went "live" with smiles from all the operators. This was covered in the local news.

Girl Power

SME Empowerment

We were appointed by the IT Promotion Authority of a foreign government to curate a development programme to help SME companies from the country to learn the cultural and business climate for Singapore and South East Asia, so that they can adopt appropriate business models to position their products for the diverse marketplace where they might not have any competitive advantage in. We created an English-based programme, supplemented by Korean translation, that helped more than 60 Korean SME companies over two years to adopt new business models for SEA market penetration. One of these companies went on to produce the now-famous Baby Shark phenomenon. 


Organisation Transformation

That same ASEAN oil major contacted us again 24 months later, this time with a request to reshape the organisation structure. Following a potentially fatal incident on the platform, it was uncovered that the organisation structure was not supporting the engagement of the workforce. There was a need to realign the structure to the changing demands of operations. We were called in to look into the organisation structure, propose a new operational frame, assess the adequacy of the competency framework and how this needs to be aligned with new roles that were being designed. After 10 months on the job, the new structure and competency framework was launched and enthusiatically adopted by all 1,600 platform and shore-based staff.


Industry Transformation

While CEO of SCALA, our Founder designed and implemented an industry transformation programme that created new capacity and capability for the logistics and supply chain industry. By understanding the challenges faced by the industry, and supporting the government's call for digitalisation and upskilling, he rallied the establishment to provide grants and funding for the industry to hire new staff who would be amenable to learn new knowledge and then apply that to the hiring company. The curriculum included customer management, strategic innovation, design thinking and business modelling. At the end of one year, close to 50% of the hiring companies reported building new revenue streams!

Book and Eyeglasses

Leadership Development 

A major global F&B fast food company approached us to create a full leadership development curriculum for three levels of employees. When asked why they did not just take the global leadership development curriculum - because they are known for their training standards - they replied that they wanted something that was culturally and geographically aligned. As a result, we were appointed to create 8 modules of leadership concepts per level for a total of 24 modules! Through a co-creative process, we built a robust 3-level leadership development curriculum that is supported by coaching within the whole organisation. This was successfully accepted and launched by senior management and continue to be the only leadership development programme that the company uses for new hires / appointees in the corporate office.

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