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Smart Selection

How can we help you Select Smartly?

All our Premium Reports provide gap analysis of the candidate's behaviour against the Optimal profile for the job role. And since fixed is not necessarily bad and growth is not necessarily good, we need different Optimal profiles for different job roles. This means that while one person may display the right attitudes and behaviours for one job role, it does not mean that it would be right for another role.

Job Role Reports Currently Available


Based on the Bass Transformational Leadership model, this report will tell whether the candidate has the right leadership mindset


The job of an entrepreneur / business leader is not easy. There are many behaviours that need to be right in order to move the business in the right direction.


A design thinker is a customer-focused problem-solver. This candidate requires a mixed bag of agile behaviours to ensure that he/she can deliver on the job role. 


The business developer is a strategic position that cannot be left to chance. Not only does the candidate need to articulate well,  but he/she will need to persevere in the face of hardship and challenge. It is not easy identifying if a person has the right mindset for the role, until now.

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Want a specific job role report? 

We are constantly researching and adding new job roles for 5DGM assessment. If you don't find the role you want here, we might just be completing the development. Drop us an email and we can get back to you.


Make 5DGM part of your assessment centre and take out the guesswork in selecting the right person with the right mindset!