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Expand your service offerings with the 5DGM Suite of Solutions 

Are you a training or consulting company looking to offer more services to your clients? Why not become our partner and expand your services and enlarge your revenue? And if you are keen, you can even become our next international franchisee!


What do you receive as a Partner?

  • License to sell at preferential rates or to own your own 5DGM portal

  • Preferential consultancy services to map Optimal Profiles for different clients or focus groups

  • Train-The-Trainer for your lead consultant trainers

  • Geographical monopoly for the sale of 5DGM solutions

  • Franchisees can sell to sub-franchisees and control their local market

  • Upgrades to new platforms (depending on service)

  • Invitation to collaborate in international market

Using a Touch Phone

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to find out how you can be a 5DGM Solutions Provider!

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