We don't all have fixed or growth mindsets, neither do we all have a mixture of both

I have been studying the fixed and growth mindsets in depth since 2015. While I do not purport to be an expert, and I have not yet published my findings in journals and books, I have conducted hundreds, even close to 1,000, studies on individuals in my search for quantifying the growth mindset, and it is with this understanding that I have come to certain conclusions about the fixed and growth mindsets. Here is a brief summary of what I know thus far, and this is certainly an evolving topic. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this...

the fixed and growth mindset is not a binary concept, but a continuum.

(1) We are not ALL fixed, growth or transitional

We are not ALL fixed or growth, as the current literature seems to suggest. In my research, I have indeed found people who exhibit consistently fixed or growth mindset tendencies, where their behaviours over a range of situations correspond to these mindsets. But these numbers are not large. Most of them are what we call transitional, where they can exhibit both fixed or growth tendencies, depending on context. What this further informs us is that the fixed and growth mindset is not a binary concept, but a continuum.

our growth mindset tendencies change along five different continuums, not just one!

(2) There the 5 Dimensions to the growth mindset

The growth mindset is not a simple concept. We learnt that there are 5 Dimensions to it. A dimension is like a factor or a determinant. This means that our growth mindset tendencies change along five different continuums, not just one! The 5 Dimensions are Learning, Bounce Back, Risk Taking, Forward and Pride. Each of these dimensions adds a layer to our growth mindedness, and while one can have growth tendencies in one Dimension, that same person can have fixed tendencies in another. This can lead some people conclude that we have both growth and fixed mindsets all the time, when in actual fact we have a myriad of different tendencies at the same time.

(3) They are all tendencies

If you have noticed, I have been writing about tendencies with regards to the different mindsets. This means that all our behaviours are not set in stone; and if one is fixed today, it does not mean that one will remain fixed tomorrow. If the behaviour has been deeply set into a person's psyche, it becomes more difficult to be dislodged; but it does not mean that it cannot change. Change is the key element of growth and if one were to adopt a growth mindset, one adopts the learning mindset. Therefore, the growth mindset is a learning mindset, and hence, a change mindset. A friend just shared on LinkedIn what Einstein once said; that if one keeps on doing the same thing, one can only expect the same outcome. Doing the same thing, preferring the status quo, are fixed mindset behaviours. But when one is willing to challenge the status quo, to risk being wrong, to confront one's own convictions, one is adopting growth mindset tendencies, aiding the move from fixed to growth.

If I am working to protect my fragile sense of self-importance, of self-knowledge, of self-intellect, I will be shackled by the fixed mindset even if I purport to be of growth mindedness