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Rate your boss on these top 15 leadership qualities

rate your boss on these top 15 leadership qualities

They say that people don't leave bad companies, only bad bosses. So in today's article, let's look at what makes for a good boss. Below are the top 15 qualities of a good boss. Go through them and then rate your boss on the scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means absolutely not like my boss, and 10 means absolutely like my boss. After that, total up the score. Any score of 105 and above means that you have a good boss, the higher, the better. Any score of 60 or less means you have a bad one. And any in between 61 to 104 means that you have a mediocre boss, in varying degrees of mediocrity. So here goes (in alphabetical order)...

Top 15 Leadership Qualities


The ability to hold his team, and himself, accountable for results

(Note: a boss who only holds the team accountable but not himself can, at best, receive 5 points!)


The ability to accept changes in execution, and change the plan in response


The ability to be true to oneself, developing honest relationship with his team


The knowledge and ability to carry out the job of the leader

(Note: First level team leaders should be able to carry out the jobs of team members; higher level leaders should know how to employ the skills of lower level leaders)


The ability to instil confidence in the team by exuding confidence in self

(Note: A self confident boss who does not instil confidence in his staff cannot earn more than 5 points.)


The ability to maintain an open mind and view situations with different perspectives to come up with new and novel ideas


The ability to take in all the available information and make a decision without dithering


The ability to identify, acknowledge and take into account, the feelings of others


The ability to delegate tasks effectively without micromanaging, developing leadership skills in others

(Note: A l