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Be someone's hero - learn what works!

It is in the journey that we learn and get better!

Think of your hero - a real-life one and not a comic character. Do you picture someone who has "already arrived"? Do you think this person has extraordinary abilities and achieved what he/she did with little effort? Well most people do; that's what heroes are meant to be, anyway. Now go find out the truth. Dig deeper into the person's history and uncover what he/she did to get to where he/she is. Now admire them even more!

The truth of the matter is that most people don't achieve hero status by sitting back and letting ability take over. As we all know, ability can deteriorate over time - that's why Michael Jordon is no longer playing basketball, and Roger Federer is frustratingly close to his 18th Grand Slam, but being edged out by his younger rivals. Ability alone cannot make a person a hero - but the process of getting them there will!.

So it's in the journey that we learn and get better. But ask any Commando officer how the journey to being the top soldier in the Army was, and he will regale you with "horror" stories. All one ever sees is the final product, but when we unwrap what went into becoming the hero, one will uncover a journey of trials, error, more trials, more error; but finally, triumph! Triumph is the reward for all the errors, but that is where the learning is. Understand what worked to becoming that hero, and you can be one too.

Here are 4 easy steps to understand what works:

1. Don't assume

When we see something done effortlessly, we assume that we too can do likewise - until we had a go at it. Don't assume you know what goes into being a success, understand it.

2. Ask questions

I have many a times been guilty of not asking simple questions for fear of looking stupid. Well, the more I feared that, the more it will happen! In learning, there are no stupid questions, and if you had that question, you can bet your friends have them too - but were too afriad to ask!

3. Map the way

Plot the path the person took from start to end. This is a key element to replicating success. If one cannot tell you how to get there, chances are he was lucky. Luck has no place in heroes. They consistently get it right. They have THE WAY. You need to uncover that way if you too want to be the hero.

4. Do it again and again

A tourist in New York stopped a passerby and asked,"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice, practice, practice," was the reply. If you want to make it effortless, then you've got to make it natural. And that requires you to do it again, and again, and again.

In short, to be a success, you really got to know what works and what don't, constantly polishing the process until it becomes a habit. That is the key to learning, the key to success, the key to becoming someone's hero!


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