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Because you don't know you are fixed

By Ian Dyason. First publish on LinkedIn.

Yesterday at the Double or Nothing webinar, I was asked why we should bother about our mindset, especially since we have had successes in our business / life.

I explained that to get double our revenue in 1 year, we need to do things differently. Certainly with the introduction of #aitechnology into our consulting business, we have to learn new skills, adopt new capabilities and execute in an evolving manner. This means that we must be growth minded in the Learning, Risk Taking and Forward dimensions.

Our research tells us that most of us believe that we have a growth mindset, especially if we have had prior success in our business. Only 12% of our respondents admit to being fixed.

Yet, when they do the #5DGM Assessment - the world's first and only behavioural based growth mindset assessment - they are surprised by their fixed scores.

Therefore, if we did not do the assessment, we would not know that we now have fixed tendencies. And that will surely impact business success!

It is only in finding out that we are fixed and the areas where we are fixed, will it allow us to get growth.

And the #5DGM assessment is the ONLY platform in the world to help you get there!

So that is why building a growth mindset is the first of 3 #GrowthRockets that we have embedded into our program!

If you want to double your consulting business in a year with a proven methodology and the support of the latest tech for consultants, do check out our #doubleornothing program.


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