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Did you notice the new elements for Growth Consulting?

Did you notice the makeover of our website over the past couple of months? Not to worry if you have not. We tried to be as quiet about it as we can before we were ready to make the announcement,

Well, we are ready now!

But, first things first.

I would like to welcome two key people to GCA, Jessie Low and Yeo Chiang Meng. Jessie is our Business Executive who will take care of building the business with new customers and/or new products. Chiang Meng is our Associate Consultant whose speciality is process optimisation. With many years in contract logistics in an MNC logistics company, taking care of very complex end-to-end movement, he is here to help in our organisation transformation business. As a Six-Sigma Black Belt, Chiang Meng will be a valuable asset to help any organisation looking for large scale transformation.

As for me, you probably knew that I was heading up the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) over the past 3 years. Well, I have relinquished that position to concentrate on the business in GCA, and also to bring our expertise overseas.

On the business front, GCA had been working with McDonald's Singapore for the whole of 2019 in building their Corporate Employee Development Programme, a three-tier leadership development programme for all the employees in the corporate office. This entailed us creating 8 leadership modules for each of the 3 levels of leaders. Each module in and of itself is one programme; imagine creating 24 distinct leadership development programmes in one year! It was a very good year for us in stretching our corporate development capabilities; and we successfully delivered all 24 programmes on time and on budget!

So, GCA is on a its own growth path and we will be relaunching our weekly blog articles to share insights into strategic thinking, the growth mindset and career strategy. Speaking of which, Career Strategy is our NEWEST programme.

As CEO of SCALA, I was in the position to meet many mid-career switchers and help them secure a job in the supply chain and logistics industry and then train them to meet the needs of the job and the industry. I met many individuals, close to 1,000, but we were only able to help about 10% of them. The reason? Many of them are not hireable, either by their reluctance to change or the career choices they made earlier. Indeed, one of the comments I often hear from our Logistics Executive Workshop (a workshop we conduct at SCALA to help these mid-career switchers understand the needs of the industry and to help them identify their value proposition so that they can secure a job in the industry) is that they should have learnt about the concepts of career fluency, building a strong career profile, moving from one job to another based on an upward trajectory; key things that we need to do when we are young! Indeed, by the time they came to SCALA as mid-career switchers, it was really too late! Many of them did not even contemplate managing their career until it was too late! With this in mind, I have decided to create Career Strategy to help individuals who are currently in their first job and looking to switch; now is the time to be strategic about their career, and build the profile so that they do not end up like the mid-career switchers who do not have much to offer a new employer!

I am excited to announce these changes and play a more active role in bringing the key concepts of the growth mindset and strategic thinking into people's careers.

So starting in the new year, the new decade, we will relaunch our blogs and hope to be able to add value into people's lives. I hope that you can share your experiences and your thoughts and questions to make this a lively forum.

In the meantime, do enjoy the last few days of 2019, planning your new decade with vigour and growth expectations. And if we can help you in anyway, do let us know!

All my best,

Ian Dyason

Founder, Growth Consulting Asia

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