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The paradox of success - fail more to succeed more!

Success comes from those who are not afraid to fail

The leader with the growth mindset is one who is not afraid to fail. Not that she deliberately wants to fail, mind you. But failing allows her to find out what she doesn't know, and being aware of her limitations, she can take steps to overcome that. And those steps allow her to learn even more, thereby increasing her likelihood of ultimate success.

So there is a paradox here - the more you "fail", the more you will succeed!

But I use the word "fail" in inverted commas, because you are not really a failure if you fall down and get back up. It is in getting up that you learn, and you get better. You fail only when you don't get up - OR YOU DON'T TURN UP!

The growth mindset is therefore the learning mindset. It is one which constantly seeks to improve so as to achieve more. It is also the productivity mindset because it looks for better ways to do things, leading to faster and improved outcomes. It is therefore also the SUCCESS MINDSET!

So here's your tips for this week... <<click on the links below for EVEN more information!!>>

1. Slow down and start identifying what you don't know

2. Look for new ways of doing things, risking that you might look like a fool for doing it

3. Then do it anyway!

4. And find out what works and what don't

5. Continuously improve

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