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Senior Channel Partner Developer

About GCA


Growth Consulting Asia is the creator of the world’s first behavioural assessment for the growth mindset – the 5DGM (5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset) Assessment. This assessment allows us to help individuals and companies develop specific behaviours to adopt the growth mindset for their job role. Based on research conducted over 8 years, and normed based on specific behaviours, this assessment is able to pinpoint where one has growth minded tendencies, and where one does not. It also provides a gap analysis so that one can develop with a purpose.

As a B2B organisational developer, GCA’s clients are medium to large organisations who have specific needs for their organisational development. In addition to the 5DGM programme, GCA also has its own proprietary content in strategic thinking, design thinking and expert negotiation.


In addition to providing assessment and training solutions to meet organisational needs, GCA also provides a suite of services like consulting, facilitations and coaching.


To find out more, please visit



Who we are looking for


GCA is on a growth footing and looking to hire a good channel developer who can onboard and nurture channel partners. Channels are a key growth strategy that GCA is looking to develop. As such, we are looking for a unique individual who possesses the following qualities:


  1. Is entrepreneurial and is driven to create or provide value for customers

  2. Has good knowledge in marketing, with direct experience in managing channels in a B2B business setting

  3. Has demonstrated success in applying channel development strategies

  4. Is personable with a keen mind to learn and grow

  5. Has an independent and performance-driven mindset; always looking to do better

  6. Owns his / her performance targets and drives to achieve and exceed them

  7. Possesses a creative mind in developing solutions for partners and clients

  8. Has a keen interest and experience in social media marketing


to join us as Senior Channel Partner Developer


Job Scope
There is a primary focus on channel development, and a secondary focus on business development to give the role more room for diversity.



Channel Development

  1. Identification and selection of appropriate channel partners

  2. Design / Create marketing material to support channel partners

  3. Specifying the guidelines for partners and detail the role of each party

  4. Organise and conduct onboarding training for channel partners (online / offline)

  5. Design and implement outreach strategies for new channel partners

  6. Plan and seek approval for market expansion via channels

  7. Create / Implement surveys for partners to voice their issues and provide solutions

  8. Participate in product development with Management to build deeper and wider channels

  9. Managing and improving after-sales support, post-sale upgrades and other long-term profit generation methods

  10. Ensure proper customer communication and support to partners, clients and all stakeholders



Business Development

  1. Identifying, qualifying, and securing business opportunities; coordinating business generation activities; developing customized targeted sales strategies

  2. Building business relationships with current and potential clients

  3. Creating informative presentations; presenting and delivering information to potential clients at client meetings, industry exhibits, trade shows, and conferences

  4. Creating and maintaining a list/database of prospect clients; maintaining a database (CRM, Excel, etc.) of prospective client information

  5. Warm calling; making PDPA-aligned calls to potential clients; closing sales and working with the client through the closing process

  6. Collaborating with management on business goals, planning, and forecasting; maintaining short- and long-term business development plans

  7. Make appropriate business decisions to meet service expectations and agreements



Your Expected Working Environment:

  1. This is a fully work-from-home role.

  2. You will be based in Singapore with opportunity to travel on some occasions (once boundaries open)

  3. Typical workday is Monday to Friday, 830am till 530pm. However, you are totally in control of your time as work is objective based.

  4. You shall report to the Chief Operating Officer of GCA

  5. You are expected to build your own leads for the role, employing your own social network and ability to canvass for business even in challenging times such as Covid.

  6. While you are an individual contributor, there will be a team in support of the total business which you will be expected to plug into

  7. You will need to manage stakeholders with high expectations and not capitulate, lose your cool or your professionalism.

  8. You are expected to push back with data and facts, and engage in meaningful management discussions without emotion

  9. You will have to interact with clients of all hierarchical levels, and be able to hold meaningful conversations with them

  10. You will be expected to take on-site leadership decisions for the sake of the client without the need to check back.

  11. You are expected to own your job, and hence not expect anyone to micromanage or handhold you or tell you what to do.

  12. If in doubt, ask. If you do not ask, then it is presumed you know and hence, expected that you know what you need to do.



What you can look forward to (upon confirmation):

  1. 14 days paid annual leave.

  2. 21 days paid medical leave

  3. Medical benefits

  4. Individual &/or group performance bonus (discretionary)

  5. Profit share (discretionary, for some BUs)

  6. Share options (discretionary)





$3,200 - $5,600 per month



To apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter to and put “Senior Channel Partner Developer – <YOUR NAME>” in the subject header.



Thank you.

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