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Negotiation Stories to Learn From

Negotiation is a key leadership skill going forward into 2020. As the World Economic Forum identified, with more and more jobs being handed over to technology to perform, human jobs will be increasing more complex, done by people who may probably be more intelligent, more experienced, and younger than their leaders.

Leaders can no longer rely on authority or position power to get things done. We already experience this with millenials doing things their way. But they still get results! If a leader forces a millenial to do things in a certain way, that person will choose to leave the organisation. And that creates another problem!

The key to lead the workforce of the next decade is not through authority, but through negotiation. Building relationships, understanding and meeting interests, forming coalitions and breaking complex agreements into easier bite size are all skills of an Expert Negotiator. They are also tools used by the Leaders in this ebook.

In this ebook, your will uncover

How Nelson Mandela risked personal and political safety to "Deal with the Devil" to end apatheid in South Africa and to set the country down a path of freedom and forgivenss. You will see how backroom dealing and leading from the rear are all key negotiation leadership tactics 

How Prof Tommy Koh expertly used "divide-and-conquer" tactics to narrow down the focus of negotiations and achieve breakthrough agreement with cross-cultural participants in the world stage, demonstrating the efficacy of coalition forming even in negotiations, not just in politics.

How Ina Drew, the Chief Investment Officer of JP Morgan Chase was inadvertently unable to manage emotion within her team, and shows that positional power cannot pre-empt bad behaviour the minute the gaze has been shifted. It goes to show how important negotiation is within organisations too.

The importance of building relationships in negotiations and how Mark Zuckerberg uses this to bring agreement to Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and Whatsapp. It also shares tips and tricks to manage those trying to usurp the negotiation process, blocking the path to relationship building.

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