5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset

for Leaders

Surprising thing about growth minded leadership

One might expect that a growth minded leader would have growth scores in ALL of her/his 5 Dimensions. It might come as a surprise that that is not true. While a growth mindset for all dimensions may be good on a personal level, for Truly Exceptional Leaders (TELs), they do not exist solely for themselves. Understanding that there will be a range of different mindsets in her/his team or organisation, the TEL will need to be adaptable to the different styles required to get the whole team working as one. Hence, TELs may be better served by the transitional mindset for some dimensions.

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The Leadership report comes with a whole host of information and analysis not found in the free report. It offers insights into your your growth mindset tendencies, and compare those against the "optimum" based on the Bass Transformational Leadership model. Not only does it identify the different mindset behaviours, it also shares where you meet, exceed or do not meet the optimum, and the development steps you can take to get to where you want to be.


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