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The idea for this programme came in 2004 when I pivoted my then business from children's focused education to corporate training. I was thinking what capabilities companies like to develop in their people besides leadership and this came to mind because of the difficulties I had when I was serving in the Ministry of Defence. At that time, there were no such programmes, and we had to find our way around as we tabled policy papers. I had to learn to be intent focused, think in systems, look back at past decisions and actions, be creative and manage the downside of proposed policy. Little did I know then that I was applying strategic thinking techniques.


Fast forward 15 years, and we are still running this programme, although it is in a vastly different iteration. It has now been expanded and re-conceptualised based on research from professors at MIT and UVA whom we worked with. It combines strategic thinking with decision sciences to yield our very own 8-Step Strategic Decision Making process that GUARANTEES that one will make the right decision every time - that is, if one uses it as it was designed.

And what it is designed to do? To overcome all our unconscious biases and lay out a depth of process that few can rival. 

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The Platinum Standard in Executive Development

Many people judge the rightness of their decisions based on its outcome. But that is not the basis for the right decision and in this programme, we uncover different decision sciences and management concepts to make the right complex decision every time!

In 2 days, you will learn to apply


Intent focus


Systems thinking


Thinking in time


Strategic reframing


Theory of constraints


Options balancing


Scenario Thinking

Come experience why no other programme in Asia can deliver so much in such a short time!

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