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Delivering strategic growth outcomes

Business Meeting

Phase Zero

Understand Organisational Needs

At the start of the project, we dive in to see what is the situation. We understand what the organisation and management want to achieve and we see what the organisation has done to date to get there. We also uncover what else needs to be done to get to where the company wants to be.

We then translate all that into a project plan to help the organisation get to where they want to be.

Our modus operandi is

"Get there in the fastest way, in the least number of steps."

Phase One

Build Growth Behaviours

To get strategic growth outcomes, we need to start with the fundamental mindset - because without the right mindset, no new outcomes can be sustained. This will start with the creation of the Optimal profile for the company. This profile will help individuals measure their current mindset and uncover areas for development.

The development is in tandem with Blooms Taxonomy (shown at right). At the lowest level of learning - knowledge - is provided by the 5DGM assessment report. Comprehension is delivered through training. The next two levels of application and analysis are delivered through group coaching. The coaching phase rolls over into Phase Two.

Blooms Taxonomy.png
Business Brainstorming

Phase Two

Build Level 2 Capabilities

As the appropriate growth behaviours are being developed and supported, Level 2 capabilities are not added. These can be lean operational processes, new business design thinking, market or product expansion, or embracing innovation within and outside the organisation. These skills - which have been co-created with Senior Management - will be rolled out in similar fashion as the growth mindset, where learning and application are emphasised.

Making Notes
Call Center Headset

Phase Three

Provide On-going Support

When the project has been delivered, we can continue to provide on-going support through strategic inoculation on key focal points. This can come by way of continuous coaching, facilitation or training. It is up to management to decide how best to maintain the new change. After all, getting there is the first hurdle, staying there is a totally different ballgame!

Brain Storming on Paper

Understand Organisational Needs

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