Do you want to make the

Right Decision

applying strategic thinking to make the right decision every time! 

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a stress-free process to deal with difficult decisions?

a way to convince senior management & stakeholders of the right decision?

a methodology to put in creativity & innovation in decisions?

means to deal with uncertainty in the decision & environment?

ways to apply critical & strategic thinking into decision making?

simple solutions to really complex issues?

the END of being at a loss for an answer?

...then this programme is for you!



Using strategic thinking to make

the right decision every time!


More than 10 years' experience developing this research-based programme with collaborations from professors in strategy from the US


Fundamentally built upon the Liedtka Strategic Thinking model of Intent Focus, Systems Thinking, Thinking in Time, Intellectual Opportunism & Hypothesis-Driven


Individualise your learning by understanding where you may be strong and where you may need more development with the Success Quotient Intelligence, a validated psychometric tool


MIT-researched decision-making process, as published by Luda Kopeikina in her book, The Right Decision Every Time forms the pillar of the programme


Those two giant works converge to form our 8-Step Strategic Decision Making process


Perpetual access to the online content allows you to learn what you want, when you want it, at your own pace. Individualising Learning!

Over 5 hours of  content!


Learn how to make the right decision in a mentally stimulating, action-driven workshop!



Opt for one-on-one coaching to help you extend your strategic thinking and decision making capabilities

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