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Scenario Thinking Case Study:

Taking that overseas assignment


Scenario thinking is deceptively simple to apply. Just saying that you have to think of the best-case, worst-case and most-likely case scenarios does not mean that someone KNOWS how to do it. Oftentimes, these are commingled with other issues which one does not really think about.


Here's an example of how to apply scenario thinking in a difficult decision. 


Download this 14-page case study and you will journey with Tanya, a 34-year old IT professional grappling with the decision of taking up her company's offer of an overseas assignment vis-a-vis her personal needs. In this case study, you will read about:


1. the major steps to take when dealing with a difficult decision


2. using assumptions to build the scenarios


3. developing the best-case, worst-case and most-likely case scenarios


4. understand the impact of these scenarios on your final decision


5. learn to deal with decision variability



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