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My name is Ian Dyason. I am 50 years old.


In January this year (2016) I tendered my resignation as the Chief Operating Officer of a medium sized training company, employing over 80 staff. I had full P&L responsibility. Last year (2015), we enjoyed record revenue and profits.


The reason for leaving is unimportant. What is, is that I left without another job waiting on the side. Hence, I have become one of the many displaced PMEs once earning a five-figure income and then *POOF!* Nothing!


I sent out many resumes in the run-up to my leaving the company but there was NO response from any of the hiring managers, despite having had many years of leadership, management, business building experience. I could easily exceed their business needs and targets, if they only gave me the chance. But, as it turned out, this didn't happen.


I decided to take matters into my own hands and not wait for things to happen to me. There were a few ground rules I set for myself:


1. No cutting back on lifestyle, 

2. No selling of my car, home or other major cost centres,

3. Not allowing myself to maintain a negative mindset,

4. Not accepting a job that will require me to "downsize",

5. Not having to "manage my expectations",

6. Not having to go for "retraining" that will make all my past experiences irrelevant,

7. Continuously do things that will push me forward


(Just in case any of you is thinking that I come from a rich family or has a lot of money, think again! I don't! And I have 5 beautiful children to take care of, ranging from 9 years to 22 years! So you do the maths!)


So on 24 February, I incorporated Growth Consulting & Training, and within 1 week, had this website up, and by mid March, already launched my first customer survey. My first online course was up and running by 8 April, and by first week of May, acquired my first corporate client. By then, my second, and more substantial online course has already been posted up on our online learning site (which you can visit at


I did this ALL BY MYSELF to show that it can be done, and done well enough. It is not perfect, but then nothing in this world is. It is good enough to start going out there and becoming better! Ultimately, I want to show that the lean startup concept is alive and well without having to push for funding. I am living proof that it can start small and grow big.


So this is why I am doing what I am doing. I reject what the establishment is saying - that we have to become someone other than who we were over the past 30 years. I cannot accept that 30 years of experience is irrelevant! I cannot accept that through economic restructuring, all that I had worked so hard for in myself is taken away, and now I need to re-learn and re-earn (and start from the bottom of the scale in a new industry!) I have seven mouths to feed, hello!


The PMEPRESTIGE programme is for Singaporeans and Singapore PR who, like me, believe in themselves, sees more value in themselves than others do, and want to make a difference for themselves, by starting up a business and getting it to thrive. Ultimately, if I make it, I made it in spite of the government's restructuring efforts and the hiring managers' short-sightedness; and if I don't, well at least I know I gave it my all; and I can then go in peace, become smaller, and shrivel up in one corner of the economy.


Mind you, I am not saying that everyone will be successful. I am not saying that everyone has the wherewithal to run a business. That is why I am offering our Growth Mindset assessment and coaching to you FREE so that you can find out if you had it or not. But this also does not mean you will be successful. That is why we are offering the learning to you for FREE. Everything is there so that you can learn for yourself, and make your own decisions. Many of you will probably not make it. But it is good to know that you tried. But for the one or two of you who makes it, this will be the BEST thing you've ever done for yourself!


Now isn't that worth much more than the $408 you're paying?


So if this is also your story, come join me in getting greater. After all, what is the alternative?



See you at the top!


Ian Dyason




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