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What if you could negotiate without negotiating?
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About the programme

Many people associate negotiation with the act of bargaining. It is often an adversarial situation where each party holds onto their position and expects the other to concede. When we throw personality and the force of character into the mix, it can become a heady experience that some prefer to avoid.

Yet, business negotiations are seldom like this. When seen as a collaborative problem-solving activity where a successful negotiation is one where both parties can leave smiling, then negotiation need not be daunting.

The key to this is PLANNING. 

The Expert Negotiator understands that the negotiation starts from the initial contact right through to the final acceptance or rejection. Yes, sometimes it is better to walk away than to stick with a deal that does not make sense. But what do you walk away TO? That is what we will build in this programme. 

So this is a role-play based programme that covers all aspects of Expert Negotiation like planning, interests, win-win, BATNA, personality and influence. A massively successful programme!

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