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Adopt continuous customer-focused business improvement processes


We created the world's only behavioural based growth mindset assessment -
The 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset Assessment - to deliver strategic growth outcomes for you!


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What strategic growth outcomes?

Adopt continuous customer-focused business improvement processes

Become more agile in the face of constant change

Create new revenue streams through product and market expansion

Drive out costs and streamline operations

Embrace new innovations and drive change within and outside the organisation

Start by building the growth mindset

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Before we dive into the meat of the solution, we prepare the people. Growth outcomes are best served with the right mindset. When people in the organisation embrace learning, resilience, risk, action and humility, the growth mindset shines forth and delivers sustained business results. We are experts in delivering these results to you through our proprietary 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset (5DGM) assessment that allows your most valuable asset - your people - to consistently exhibit growth behaviours to deliver the results that you are looking for!

The full process

Understand organisational needs

  • What the organisation wants to achieve

  • Propose solution

build growth behaviours

  • Create Optimal Profile

  • Assess & identify gaps

  • Develop through training & coaching

build level 2 capabilities

  • Based on organisational needs

  • Use growth behaviours to drive new capabilities

provide on-going support

  • Based on contract terms

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About Us

Growth Consulting Asia is a boutique consultancy comprising subject matter experts in organisational transformation.

We are the creators of the world's first and only behavioural assessment tool for the growth mindset and we use that as the fundamental means to deliver results.

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Get the lowdown on how to run your business, applying the 5DGM with design thinking, business model canvas & lean startup to strive for your MVP and build your empire from here!

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Success Stories


Following a potentially fatal incident on an oil platform, an oil major in an ASEAN country realised their organisation structure was not supporting the engagement of the workforce. We were called in to look into the organisation structure, propose a new operational frame, assess the adequacy of the competency framework and align them with new roles. Successfully launched this for the 1,600 staff within 12 months!


A major global F&B fast food company approached us to create a full leadership development curriculum for three levels of employees despite having a global L&D team.  They wanted something that was culturally and geographically aligned. Through a co-creative process, we created a robust 3-level , 24-module leadership development curriculum that is supported by coaching within the whole organisation. It was successfully rolled out in 2019


While CEO of SCALA, our Founder designed and implemented an industry transformation programme that created new capacity and capability for the logistics and supply chain industry. By understanding the challenges faced by the industry, he created a curriculum that included customer management, strategic innovation, design thinking and business modelling. At the end of one year, close to 50% of the hiring companies reported building new revenue streams!

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