Why is the growth mindset important? And why now?

Without going into too much details, the growth mindset is important because it allows us to weather the changes that come our way. It is a frame of mind that does not take ourselves too seriously, acknowledging that there is a lot to learn. Indeed, the growth mindset is often referred to as the learning mindset.

So why is this important now? Is it because of some person’s research that suddenly made the growth mindset “popular”?


To some extent, yes. Prof Carol Dweck’s research on the growth and fixed mindsets have cast a spotlight onto the “new psychology of success”. Yet, this “new psychology” had always been around; some call it grit, some call it resilience, some call it adaptability. Yet, the growth mindset is all of that and more! And it is becoming more relevant now because of the fast pace of change the world is now seeing. Covid19 and climate change are two examples that are forcing a new normal in many of the things that we are doing, and if we do not heed these changes, we will be overwhelmed by them, and quickly become irrelevant. The growth mindset is the cornerstone of our psyche to deal with these changes. And that is why it is now more important.

Which therefore brings us to this question… do YOU have the growth mindset? Why not take our very own FREE growth mindset assessment to find out for yourself. This will be the start of your journey of adapting to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment!

And if you need to uncover more about your growth mindset scores, do let us know and we can set you up with a Growth Mindset Coach!


At first, I thought it's just another psychology assessment, which I've done plenty of. However, it was a truly surprising and amazing one to one coaching session for me. It's interesting to find out if the extent of my growth mindset fit what my job requires and which growth area do I need to work on to excel in my current role or the future role that I wish to embark on. I appreciate Ian and Jessie for arranging this session for me.

Eunice, Malaysia

I am a personality test junkie and have always enjoyed learning more about myself and increase my self-awareness through these tests. When the results came out and having its analysis done and coaching by Ian, I am enlightened to find out what has been holding me back when it comes to taking steps forward to try new things and it affirmed me in how I can overcome it with other aspects of my Growth Mindset. 

Sharon, Singapore

This assessment helps me to understand better where I am lacking and in which area I should grow myself more in order to make better progress in my life. What I like the most is there are follow-up sessions and e-book that guide me on the next step to overcome the problem.

Kimberly, Malaysia

I learned a lot about myself which has been undiscovered all these while. It helps me to understand where my strengths are and the area that I actually need to improve. I would also like to thank Ian for the detailed explanation and advice. I'm looking forward to the upcoming workshop and can't wait for the day to come.

Shee Wei, Malaysia

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