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Grow Beyond the Pandemic

a zoom webinar for the People Managers

Friday, 8 May 2020

8pm Jakarta Time / 9pm Singapore & Malaysia Time

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The Future is Bright

we just need the two key ingredients!

As we stand at the edge of a new dawn after Covid-19, are you afraid, or are you excited? 


Many companies are now busy making plans to restart their business. Governments are slowly opening up their economy to let in a LITTLE light - but ever wary that they might have to slam on the brakes again! Amidst such uncertainty,

  • How do we know our plans will work?

  • How do we know if business will be as usual?

  • How do we prepare for something we don't even know?

In this webinar, strategist and growth mindset expert, Ian Dyason, will share the keys to overcome uncertainty and embrace growth beyond the pandemic!

Two Key Ingredients

planning & the growth mindset

We'll leave the planning to you. But you will need to embrace a new way of looking at your business. You will need to form your teams to embrace uncertainty. You will need to help them adopt the growth mindset to enable your whole company to come up on top! In other words, you will have to need them to overcome their fear of failure so that they can be first off the line on across the finishing line!

Learn how to do all this and more on our upcoming webinar!

What We Will Touch On


discover the 5 dimensions of the growth mindset


uncover hidden gems from your growth mindset


leverage growth mindset for your organisation


motivate staff in the midst of uncertainty

About the speaker

Ian Dyason is the Founder of Growth Consulting Asia (GCA), and the former Chief Executive Officer of the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) in Singapore which focuses on capability and capacity building in the logistics industry in Singapore. 

Ian is the developer of the GCA Growth Mindset Assessment and the originator of the Five Dimensions of the Growth Mindset. The growth mindset is a key ingredient for design thinking and organic growth programs. He has rolled this out to BTMU (Jakarta), McDonald's Singapore and the National IT Promotion Agency (Korea), among other companies.

He is also the creator of the Strategic Thinking program in Asia which help all people make the right decisions every time! Companies like Singapore Airlines, UBS, Bank of Tokyo, United Overseas Bank Group, SATS, McDonald's, Singapore Tourism Board and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have successfully applied this program in their organisations.


about the growth mindset assessment

Eunice, Malaysia

At first, I thought it's just another psychology assessment, which I've done plenty of. However, it was a truly surprising and amazing one to one coaching session for me. It's interesting to find out if the extent of my growth mindset fit what my job requires and which growth area do I need to work on to excel in my current role or the future role that I wish to embark on. I appreciate Ian and Jessie for arranging this session for me.

Shee Wei, Malaysia

I learned a lot about myself which has been undiscovered all these while. It helps me to understand where my strengths are and the area that I actually need to improve. I would also like to thank Ian for the detailed explanation and advice. I'm looking forward to the upcoming workshop and can't wait for the day to come.

Kimberly, Malaysia

This assessment helps me to understand better where I am lacking and in which area I should grow myself more in order to make better progress in my life. What I like the most is there are follow-up sessions and e-book that guide me on the next step to overcome the problem.

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