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The concept of the fixed and growth mindsets have been made popular with Prof Carol Dweck's book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, who researched the impact of these on parenting, business, school and relationships. It has shown that the growth mindset is hands-down the more powerful one in a changing world. It surely is one for excellence in productivity, innovation and collaboration!


But do you have one? How do you know for sure?


For the first time, we offer a definitive tool to tell you if indeed you had the fixed mindset or the growth mindset. The Success Quotient Intelligence is a valid and reliable tool to measure your growth mindset traits and returns an objective assessment of your mindset inclination. 


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2. get your very own growth mindset traits report


3. understand more of where you are strong in and where you may need some attention to develop


4. decided your own steps to become a growth minded genius!






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