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Developing with a Purpose

Behaviours to build the growth mindset

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28 May 2021



18 June 2021


In our second part of the 5DGM webinars, we looked at surfing turbulent times with the 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset (5DGM). We made the case that in a fast-changing TUNA environment, we need to adopt the adaptive, resilient growth mindset to come out of Covid-19 disruption. 

But that is not enough!

There is no point in telling a starving man to go fish for his food without giving him the means and the knowledge to do so. In the same way, it is one thing for us to understand that we need to have the growth mindset, but with no actual steps to make it happen!

So, in this third part of the 5DGM webinars, we will look more closely at how you can develop a growth mindset by focusing on the key behaviours to develop. By the end of this webinar, you will be able to understand YOUR top three behaviours to focus on to develop a resilient, growth mindset.

In order to benefit most from this webinar, you will need to do your 5DGM assessment. Click here to complete that for FREE!

Want to Build a Growth Mindset?

Focus on your behaviours!

In this webinar, you will learn

cultivating a mindset that aligned with your goals

the 5 key behaviours to become more growth minded

using optimal growth profile to sharpen development focus areas

adopting the growth mindset to shape your corporate culture

applying the 5Cs formula for success in almost every area

About the speaker


Ian Dyason is the Founder of Growth Consulting Asia (GCA), and the former Chief Executive Officer of the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) in Singapore which focuses on capability and capacity building in the logistics industry in Singapore. 

Ian is the creator of the 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset Assessment. The growth mindset is a key ingredient for design thinking and organic growth programs. He has rolled this out to BTMU (Jakarta), McDonald's Singapore and the National IT Promotion Agency (Korea), among other companies.

He is also the creator of the Strategic Thinking program in Asia which help all people make the right decisions every time! Companies like Singapore Airlines, UBS, Bank of Tokyo, United Overseas Bank Group, SATS, McDonald's, Singapore Tourism Board and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have successfully applied this program in their organisations.

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Some of our clients

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What our clients say

Ian has displayed his deep knowledge in the topics. He customised the learning program, using real scenarios of the company to allow learners to quickly adapt to and make learning real. His facilitation was engaging and thought provoking.

Learning & Development Manager,

McDonald's Singapore

I learned a lot about myself which has been undiscovered all these while. It helps me to understand where my strengths are and the area that I actually need to improve. I would also like to thank Ian for the detailed explanation and advice.

Shee Wei, L

I will definitely recommend everyone to take the test and understand their current mindset as it will help them in making proactive changes to where they are at now and be empowered to improve their mindsets positively.

Sharon, T


About the 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset


The 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset (5DGM) were uncovered by Mr Ian Dyason, Founder of Growth Consulting Asia over a 5-year research period. During that time, he worked with many volunteers to uncover what the main drivers were, finally narrowing down to 5 Dimensions: learning, bounce back, risk taking, forward and pride.


His research also uncovered a third mindset, the Transition. This is where one can display both fixed and growth behaviours. It finally informed him that the concept of fixed and growth is not a binary one, but a continuum. He calibrated the scores to an assessment system to identify the tipping point from fixed to transition, and from transition to growth. This finally gave birth to the 5DGM assessment tool used to measure one's mindset.


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