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Design Thinking
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What is it about?

Design thinking is not about designing per se. It is about applying visualisation tools to understand What Is?, What If?, What Wows? and What Works? of a customer-centric problem. This is a feed-in programme from strategic thinking, and the two share similar tools. Both these models were created by Prof Jeanne Liedtka and there is congruence in learning both. The tools applied in design thinking are:

  • Customer journey map

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • System mapping

  • Brainstorming (reverse brainstorming, 7 reframing techniques, contra logic)

  • Concept development (+ Napkin pitch)

  • Assumption testing

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Customer co-creation & Learning launches (Outside of programme scope)

The programme concludes with a capstone project one month later to showcase ALL the tools in a real customer-based problem statement.

Why design thinking?

Problems can be solved from a product / process perspective or from a customer's perspective. The former will lead one to build a better mousetrap, the latter will look to see if a mousetrap is even required! When one uses customers' perspective to solve the problem, one sees things in a totally different light - and solves the problem from that light. Since it is customer-centric, it ensures that the most important stakeholder - the customer - buys into the solution! And isn't that what ALL businesses need?


Who is this for?

Business Owners

Senior Management

Product & Solution Designers

Business Developers

Corporate Strategists

Project Managers

Product Managers

Customer Managers

Business Managers

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Why take months to learn this when you can deliver results in 4 weeks?