Why Career Strategy?



Career Strategy is a unique program that combines the art of strategic thinking with career management. By applying the tools of strategic thinking, we can understand the drivers that make us do certain things, and how we can apply that towards achieving our Career Intent. This will allow us to make all the right decisions and create a career that we can be proud of - and enjoy the benefits of - without any regret! Now, don’t we all deserve that?

Online Workshop Details

Date: 25th to 30th May 2020 (Mon-Sat)


Duration: 6 two-hour online sessions 


Time Slots: 

9am to 11am (Morning session) 

7pm to 9pm (Night session*)

*Pre-recorded from the morning but with live Q&A.


Fee: RM1,575.00 per person

One-time full payment RM 1,275.00 (Discount of RM300)

OR Three monthly installments of RM 525 each


Payment Mode:

•Bank transfer to “Low Jia Chir” (bank account details upon registration) OR

Credit card charged in SGD at RM3.05 to SGD1.00 (Please note that your credit card merchant will charge their own exchange rate)

Walk away from this exciting program with


  • Strategies to overcome unseen hindrances that hold you back from achieving your career goals

  • An execution plan for being more growth minded 

  • Prefect clarity of your career outcomes

  • BEST roadmap to achieve your career success 

  • A compelling pitch of your value to your future employer 

  • An irresistible resume and LinkedIn profile to get you hired for your dream job

What is covered in this program?

Session 1: Diving deep into the growth mindset

Session 2: Creation of career intent

Session 3: Masterplanning your Career Fluency

Session 4: Creating true value for career

Session 5: Your Resume, Your Brand

Session 6: Emotional Balancing


Enjoy one complimentary career coaching session after the workshop to wrap all things up!

Your Trainer


Ian Dyason is the Founder of Growth Consulting Asia, and a foremost expert in strategic thinking in Asia. He collaborated with professors from MIT and UVA to create a proprietary 8-Step process to apply strategic thinking to make the right decision EVERY TIME! 


Ian is also the former Chief Executive of the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy, an industry- level organisation working with the Singapore government to create jobs and training for matured entrants to the logistics sector. It was here that Ian identified the career mistakes that people committed, some of which were fatal to their career progression. He vowed to help people avoid these mistakes and create the best career plan for themselves – and achieve them!

So, are you ready now?

There is no better time since Covid19 allows us the time to contemplate on our career without the stresses and times of work. So come on in! 

Here are some questions that may be holding you back from signing up.

Let’s discuss them…

Question 1: I already have a good job. Why do I still need to plan a career?

A career is not a job. A career is a carefully constructed plan of action that is designed to ensure that you continue to earn at your highest potential, while keeping you mentally, physically and emotionally engaged. So, while you are currently earning a good salary in a good job, you should already be planning what that next job is. Because if you want to maintain this same job for the rest of your working life, you will find yourself out of a job far earlier than you expect. And by that time, you would not have the ability to get another fulfilling and good paying job. Your only way to guarantee that you stay motivated and earning in your job is building a fluent career that continually moves up. And that is what we shall be doing at the workshop.

Question 2: RM1,275 is a lot of money. How will I know that I am spending it wisely, especially now with Covid19 and my pay has been cut?


Covid19 has created many fears in people, but it has also opened up many opportunities. One of these is the availability of the online workshop. If this workshop is run on a face to face manner, it would cost three times this amount. So instead of RM1,275, it would be RM3,825. But let us put this in perspective. RM1,275 is less than 25% of the cost of a new iPhone! But the iPhone is a depreciating asset, the knowledge you gain from the workshop is an appreciating one.


But let us be strategic about this. If this RM1,275 has the ability to gain you an additional RM30,000 a year in income for the next 20 years, (that is RM600,000 in total, by the way), would this be a worthwhile investment?


And what is your downside? Actually, you have none because I bear the risk for you, since if you find that after you completed the first day, you did not learn anything, we refund you all the money you paid.


So, you have no downside, but a huge potential upside. In the world of strategic thinking, this is as close as you can get to a sure-thing as ever there was! Indeed, this is the type of decision option that we always look for. 


By the way, if you are afraid of this small investment, you would probably be even more afraid to move and to build a career. And that has an even GREATER risk for you!

Question 3: What if I don’t get what I want in my career?

I think you may be confusing “career” with “job”. A career is an area target; a job is a pinpoint target. There are many things you can do within the space of your ideal career; but there is only one thing that you can do within the job space. So, what I am saying here is that you can ALWAYS get what you want in your career if you look deep and hard enough. Many people only do “enough” to get by in their careers. That is not the responsible thing. It also sells yourself short. If you want a truly fulfilling and rewarding career, you must apply all the different skills we will share with you in our Career Strategy Workshop, and you WILL get what you want – except that what that looks like now will be very different from what it will look like when you get there!

Question 4: I am a smart person. I have graduated top in my class at university. So I think I know how to manage my career without your help.


There are many smart people in this world, and I congratulate you for being one of them. But intelligence comes from the space of knowing what you know. You cannot be intelligent about the things you don’t know. Career Strategy is designed to shine the light on the things you don’t know because we have already seen them, and we have seen a pattern that leads people to make the wrong career choices. So, we know what you don’t know! And when we share them with you, these will enter into your known area, and you can apply your vast intellect on it. Hence, let us work together to build on your knowledge and intellect so that you can become even SMARTER than the smartest one in your cohort who has not been made known of the unknown unknowns.

Question 5: My career is determined by my parents. How will your workshop help me?

I know of many doctors, lawyers, and engineers who quit after a few years in the job because it was what their parents wanted them to do. You cannot build a sustaining and fluent career based on someone else’s concept of a good career. It must be yours. All the research into human motivation has shown that if you do not put in effort in building your career, if you inherit your career, you will do much more poorly. Now, I am not asking you to get into a fight with your parents, but I am asking you to lay down the conditions for working for them; to do this as an adult, and to do this as your choice. This workshop will help you clarify what EXACTLY you want as a career, and through the coaching session, help you frame your discussion with your parents on your decision going forward. In the end, this is your life, your career and you need to be responsible for it. 

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