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Using the 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset ("5DGM") assessment to fulfilling your aspirations

Why knowing our mindset is important to you?

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How our mindset differ?


People with fixed mindset believe their intelligence is fixed and that it cannot change later in life.

On the other hand, the growth mindset is one that accepts that intelligence and knowledge can grow. 

What sets us apart is our MINDSET

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If we ask people this question, they will obviously say they do. After all, who will admit that they had the fixed mindset if that is not the mindset to possess?


As such, we need a more objective manner to assess our mindset.


Let us invite you to take a research-based assessment to understand your level of growth mindedness. 

Do YOU have the growth mindset?

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Who created the 5DGM assessment?

The 5 Dimensions was uncovered by Mr. Ian Dyason, Founder of Growth Consulting Asia

As a content developer, Ian was inspired to find out "What makes up the growth mindset? " "How can we develop it? " and "Can we measure one's mindset? 

Over the course of 5 years, he worked with a psychology PHD to uncover what the main drivers were, finally locking down to 5 Dimensions: 




Our research also uncovered a third mindset, the Transition. This is where one can display both fixed and growth behaviours. 

Challenge yourself to find out how much growth you have today!

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How can the 5DGM report help you?



Understand your current mindset


Discover what is holding you back from success


Pinpoint exact Dimensions for development


Build mental resilience

Don't just believe us

Let's hear what people say

“I am a personality test junkie and I have never done one to assess my current mindset at all. I am enlightened to find out what has been holding me back when it comes to taking steps forward to try new things and it affirmed me in how I can overcome it with other aspects of my Growth Mindset.


I will definitely recommend to my friends as it will help them in making proactive changes to where they are at now and be empowered to improve their mindsets positively."

—  Sharon Tan


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No one ever said building a successful career was easy; but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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