Story 1

Adam was a government scholar. He attained two Masters degrees, one in business the other in IT.  He was quickly promoted to Department Head of IT in a government organisation. Sadly, his mother became ill and he decided to quit and care for her. After a few years, her condition stabilised and Adam decided to re-enter the workforce. Due to his background, he quickly reintegrated and in two years, regained his previous position. However, he again needed to quit to attend to another family matter. After two years, he was divorced. Wanting to pick up the pieces, he sought to re-enter the workforce. This time, he was not so lucky. He could not find employment and after searching for 14 months, he was finally offered a Project Manager role. He is now earning a quarter of what he used to. At the age of 49, he has lost all his earning potential. Adam failed to manage his career when he could. He now lives in regret.

Story 2

Ken worked in the oil & gas industry for 27 years. This was is one and only job, rising through the ranks from assistant engineer to senior assistant technical director. Ken knew everything there was to know about his industry, his customers and his job. Ken was a loyal specialist in his company, and he was paid handsomely for it. Until the economy turned south. Almost overnight, the oil price crashed, and revenue shrank. The company tried to hold on as long as they could, and Ken believed that the company would pull through. But, in the end, there was no saving the company, and they retrenched more than half the workforce. To Ken’s astonishment, his loyalty was rewarded with the ”pink slip” and 27 months’ severance pay. Ken thought that the severance would enable him to weather the storm and get another job within a year. When the industry did not recover, Ken decided to look outside the industry. But by then, he was 54 years old, and without any diversified skills. What was worse, all the oil & gas engineers have flooded the market, and so he had to compete with his compatriots as well as new job entrants. Ken has been looking for any job that would pay half of what he used to earn, but he does not even get invited to interviews. That has been 4 years now… 

Lessons You Should Learn

Your career will never be smooth nor automatic.

Even if you are doing well now, something will come along to change it.

Every job decision will impact the whole career trajectory.

If you don’t build your career from the start, you won’t have a career in the end.

We all need support from the people who have been there.

Why Should I Care About My Career?

Don't worry! We are here to support you.

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