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We will help you clarify your intent if you are grappling with a strategic issue.

If you are thinking of

  • investing in a foreign country

  • entering a new market with your current product

  • expanding your current market by expanding your product line

  • creating new capabilities for market whitespace

we will uncover the hidden challenges, map the course to overcome them and lead you to a successful completion!

Email us at for a NO OBLIGATIONS discussion on our process, our expertise and the expected outcomes of our strategy consulting!


If you are specifically targetting business growth for your company, we can make it happen for you. By applying design thinking to guide you through the whole process, you will be able to


  • understand the demographics and psychographics of your target customer segments 

  • clarify your differentiated value proposition for these customers

  • build your business model canvas identifying unique monetisation models

  • mitigate the risks of product "failure"

  • lead to a successful new market / product launch

We will journey with you throughout the whole journey from inception to creation!

Email us at for a NO OBLIGATIONS discussion!

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