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Powering Your Sustainability with AI

a Zoominar for leaders seeking a path to growth through sustainability

By now you would have heard of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which is a whole-of-nation effort to attain our sustainability goals. This is not just for the Big Boys - everyone has a role to play. Yet, SMEs like us often wonder what we can do, since we are so small and have limited resources! Sure, there will be benefits IN THE LONG RUN, but our LONG RUN stretches only till next Tuesday! We simply don't have the bandwidth to think about sustainability while focusing on existential issues - like hiring the right people at the right cost or solving our supply chain problems. What we need is something that allows us to peer into the thick of things without costing us time, effort and money! We need a way to cut through the fog of sustainability and TELL US what we can do today without costing us money.

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You have been heard!

We at The Bamboo Code have created an AI-powered platform that does all the heavy-lifting for you in terms of understanding your business, assessing where you are right now in your sustainability efforts against your global peers and offers solutions for you to consider - all within 10 minutes! And for FREE!


Come to our Webinar!

No matter how much we put on this page, it will never be enough! So instead, we would like to show you what we mean through a webinar where we will introduce to you the AI Platform, what it does, what you can learn from it, and how you can BENEFIT from Going Green! We will also share with you how the Government will support your efforts to do so!

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Ian Dyason is the Founder of Growth Consulting Asia (GCA), and the former Chief Executive Officer of the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) in Singapore which focuses on capability and capacity building in the logistics industry in Singapore. 

Ian is the creator of the 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset (5DGM) Assessment as well as a corporate consultant.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ian looks to create value and growth for all stakeholders.

Ian is a key member of The Bamboo Code, which was founded by data scientist and business consultant David Wilkins. Together, they are working to bring the sometimes opaque world of consulting and data analytics into the light and the hands of people who matter a lot to Singapore's economy - the SME business owners!

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Building Sustainability with AI
Building Sustainability with AI
24 Jun 2022, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm SGT
Zoom Webinar
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