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Build A Growth Mindset in You:

A guide to developing a success-focused life 


The growth mindset has been exhibited since time immemorial. All the major religious leaders, prophets, wise men had the growth mindset. But the concept of the growth and fixed mindsets only burst into the business scene in 2006, when Prof Carol Dweck published her critically acclaimed book, "Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success".  But one decade later, we are still uncovering what the growth mindset can do for us and how we can maximise it.


In this eBook, I share what the fixed and growth mindsets are in the work setting, and pull out the key ideas for helping you build a growth mindset.


Over 60 pages of succinct discussion, we will:


1. come to see the fixed and growth mindsets from two corporate VPs, Ben and Dan


2. uncover why the growth mindset is the preferred mindset for learning


3. ways to develop the growth mindset, and


4. applying the growth mindset in work areas such as leading, planning, problem-solving, communicating and innovating

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