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Singapore Business Federation's
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B2B eCommerce Track

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Are you a business owner looking to build new revenue through B2B eCommerce?

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Why eCommerce?









Why eCommerce

Difference between
B2B & B2C eCommerce


Type of buyer
B2B buyers are sure of what they want, the quantity that they want it, and the unit costs of the items they are buying


Range of audience
These can range from commodities buyers, electronics traders, even energy suppliers! A very huge range!


Specific buying behaviour
From RFPs, quotations, and specific order quantities, B2B buyers behave differently from B2C buyers. And they certainly don't buy on a whim! 


Lower price, higher volume 
Due to a larger order quantity, the unit price is certainly lower than B2C pricing. This is why the MOQ is very important to both buyers and sellers.


Effective marketing
B2B sellers will still need to maintain a proper marketing plan to reach out to their target customers outside of the buying cycle.

How we can help

Seeing that B2B and B2C eCommerce differ in important areas, there is a need to approach both differently. The B2B business model needs to be well thought out and implemented. The keys to becoming successful will depend on:

  • your business model

  • your supply chain

  • your differentiated value proposition

  • your target market

  • your marketing reach

  • your fulfillment strategy

And here's where we come in. Knowing how complex it can be to get on board the B2B eCommerce strategy, we have curated a special B2B eCommerce Professional Conversion Programme for you to participate in.


In this programme, we have eCommerce and supply chain experts to take out the guess work and guide your newly hired eCommerce Specialist how to implement all the above so that your knowledge gain and your market test will be funded by the government.

Let the government take out the risks of building new revenue streams!

Difference between B2B & B2C
How we can help

About the programme

Broad content

90% online workshops (to attain 130 hours of learning)

With formative and summative assessments

On-the-Job Training

Mentoring / Coaching

Project to launch your B2B eCommerce business

Online Workshop

Learning Components

Mandatory Modules (46 hrs)

Strategic decision making in the international market

Leading across cultures

Distribution strategy & international marketing

International trade & investment

Elective Module (31 hrs)

Introduction to international trade finance

Understanding digital marketing landscape

B2B eCommerce Modules (53 hrs)

e-Commerce strategy

e-Commerce Technology

Online customer management

Inventory management

Logistics planning

About the Programme
What's in it for you?

What's in it for you?

build new revenue

If you have not started or are still growing your B2B eCommerce business, this programme will certainly help you get there!

build your team

Businesses grow through revenue and headcount. Build your team by hiring the right people and get them trained to deliver results.

build new capability

As you work your new business model, your knowledge grows, your capability grows and you find new angles for building greater business resilience.

get funding

Building new business, hiring new people is always risky. But with the government sponsoring 70% or 90% of course fee and salary, they are effectively de-risking your business growth!

How the funding works?

Course fee grant is applied at the point of acceptance to the programme. 

A 7
0% of course fee grant of $9,100 is available for all Singaporeans or Singapore PRs. There is no grant for foreigners although they are free to sign up for the programme for the full fee of $13,000.

Employers pay nett of course fee of $3,900 before the start of the programme

GST is payable on the nett course fee for a total payable of $4,173.

Salary Support grant is provided to employers of Singaporean or Singapore PR PCP participants while the employee remains in the programme. The total duration of the PCP is 9 months.

Salary Support grant is provided on a percentage of the monthly gross salary and fixed allowances as follows:

  • 70% for Singapore PRs or Singaporeans aged below 40 years of age

  • 90% for Singaporeans aged 40 and above OR for long-term unemployed 

Salary Support is payable ONLY when participants complete all 130 hours of workshops AND on-the-job training is up to date.

Please check out the Terms & Conditions below.

How the fundng works?
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Term & Conditions

  1. The Internationalisation Professional Conversional Programme (PCP) is  programme-managed by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). 

  2. Participating companies will enter into an agreement with SBF before they can begin the programme.

  3. Growth Consulting Asia (GCA) is a service provider to SBF to run the eCommerce track of the programme.

  4. GCA will also provide mentoring/ coaching and assist in the on-the-job (OJT) training.

  5. The PCP is run by cohort. Each participant must keep within the cohort to ensure that they complete the PCP on time.

  6. Only new hires (within 3 months) who are performing B2B eCommerce job role in your company are eligible to attend the PCP.

  7. Participating companies are to submit the application form, participants' resume, copy of the signed letter of employment, photocopy of the participant's NRIC, copy of CPF submission for past 6 months (for long term unemployed applicants), signed letter of undertaking at least 3 weeks before the start of the intake.

  8. Participating companies are required to pay the net amount of the course fee plus prevailing GST to SBF before the start of the programme. Failure to pay the course fee means that the participant is not enrolled into the programme.

  9. There is an intake to the programme every month. Each intake date is the first of the month, regardless of whether that date falls on the public holiday or weekend.

  10. The participant's employment start date cannot be later than the start date of the PCP.

  11. Participating companies will be required to run OJT for their new employee over the course of the PCP. The OJT begins on the first day of the PCP even if the classes have not commenced.

  12. The OJT blueprints will be provided by GCA upon successful application to the PCP.

  13. The B2B eCommerce workshops are held online by Google Meet. The workshop is a "live" online workshop with a facilitator. All participants are required to show up during the online workshop and have their camera on at all times to show proof of attendance to WSG.

  14. Such lessons are recorded and can be viewed by participants for review. They are also made available to staff of WSG, SBF and GCA for audit purposes.

  15. Each workshop comprises formative and summative assessment. Formative assessments are ungraded quizzes to ensure that the participants understand the contents of the workshop. Summative assessments are graded assessments that participants will be required to submit within 2 weeks of the end of the course.

  16. All participants are required to do and submit an eCommerce project. This project is designed to help your company set up or improve your eCommerce capability. All participants are required to present the findings of their project at the end of the PCP.

  17. Participants must complete the required workshops / online courses and be current with their OJT in order to be able to claim the Salary Support grant.

  18. Participating companies are responsible to submit all relevant documents to SBF by the required deadline in order to receive their Salary Support grant timely.

  19. Salary Support grant payment is processed every 3 months.

  20. Due to grant application process with SSG/WSG, please allow up to 3 months for Salary Support payment to be received.

  21. For more information or queries, please fill in the form above.

eComm PCP TnCs
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