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What makes a learner successful? That he is smart or that she is open? Being smart may not contribute to being successful. But being open to new perspectives, new knowledge and new experiences, one learns how to learn, and therefore becomes successful. According to Dr Carol Dweck, in her seminal book, Mindset: The new psychology of success, people have either the growth mindset or the fixed mindset. She says,


"People with the fixed mindset (are) only interested when the feedback reflected on their ability. Only people with the growth mindset paid close attention to the information that could stretch their knowledge." 


Having seen first hand the ineffectiveness of canned training from frameworks which seek to push information that can largely be obtained for free from the Internet, GrowthConsulting started out with one fundamental question,


"How can we develop the growth mindset in people to help them succeed?"

The answer? The Success Quotient Intelligence (SQI). Developed specifically to uncover individual traits that support or hinder the growth mindset, it will help identify what needs to be done to make learning more successful, and thereby improve the outcome of the lesson.


Before you put down time and money on your next course, learn about your growth mindset and develop that first! This will be the best investment ever on yourself! 


The growth mindset allows us to individualise learning.


To inspire the growth mindset in all we do



To individualise learning by linking the person with the content


1. We embrace the growth mindset 

2. We respect everyone's uniqueness

3. We treat all people fairly

4. We care for the environment

The people behind GrowthConsulting

GrowthConsulting a gathering of people focused on the growth mindset in developing self, organisation and society.

Board of Advisors

Dr Frederick Cheng
Inventor of SQI

Viswa Sadasivan

CEO Strategic Moves

Editor-in-Chief, IQ

Clive Wright

Co-Founder, The CrowdHub Group

Dilip Mukerjea
Author & CEO Braindancing International

Management Team

Ian Dyason
Program Developer & Marketing

Mel Rose
Finance & Operation

Irene Yap
Faculty & Partner



Ross Swan

Eliza Quek

Michelle Ong

Louise Shenton

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