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The 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset

According to research by Prof Carol Dweck, there are two dominant mindsets: the growth mindset, and the fixed mindset. The growth mindset is one that accepts that intelligence and knowledge can grow. People who display this mindset know that they don’t know everything, hence it is up to them to uncover that.


The fixed mindset is one that believes that intelligence is fixed and hence it does not grow after a time. People with this mindset will try to preserve their sense of success and hence stick within their own area of expertise.


Our research (see below of our research journey) shows that the fixed and growth mindsets are not a binary concept and that a person can display either fixed or growth tendencies, depending on context.

We also uncovered 5 dimensions of the growth mindset: learning, bounce-back, risk-taking, forward and pride. Taken together, these will produce our growth mindset profile. With all these, we created the world's first behavioural based growth mindset assessment. 


The 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset
Development Timeline


We are now in the position to create a better assessment system. Help us verify our new algorithm and be a part of the data-driven growth mindset development community.


Join us now for the next step in our development journey! 

What to expect?

There will be two assessments. One is our current assessment. One is the new prototype. You will be asked to do both in random order, each one week apart.

Each assessment takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.

There may be a need to speak to you regarding your inputs. A researcher will contact you regarding that separately. That should not take more than 45 minutes.

Important note:

1. We will not collect any personal details except for your name, email, gender and educational level, country of residence.

2. The data collected will be used ONLY for the purposes of this research and will not be shared with anyone. Only aggregate data will be published.

3. Results of this study will be published on our website when completed.


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