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Join our latest study to find out if there is a correlation between 5DGM output and any of the Big 5 personality factors of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. 


Each individual will be invited to do a 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset ("5DGM") assessment and an SHL assessment. The assessments will be spread out, so you will not be required to answer both at the same time.

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The personal information will be kept confidential. 

Important Note:

The data collected will be used ONLY for the purposes of this study and will not be shared with anyone.


The 5 Dimensions of the Growth Mindset

According to research by Prof Carol Dweck, there are two dominant mindsets:



Fixed Mindset

I give up easily
My potential is set at birth
Intelligence does not change
I avoid challenges
I stick to what I know best
I am either good at it or I am not
Failure shows the limit of my skills

Growth Mindset

I learn by doing things
My mistakes help me grow
I keep trying and never give up
My intelligence can be developed
Failure is an 
opportunity to get better
I learn from feedback
I constantly try to get better


Our research (see below of our research journey) shows that the fixed and growth mindsets are not a binary concept and that a person can display either fixed or growth tendencies, depending on context.

We also uncovered 5 dimensions of the growth mindset: learning, bounce-back, risk-taking, forward and pride. Taken together, these will produce our growth mindset profile. With all these, we created the world's first behavioural based growth mindset assessment. 

5DGM Development Timeline

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We are now in the position to create a better assessment system. Help us to verify our new algorithm and be a part of the data-driven growth mindset development community.


5+ Countries

2000+ Assessment Takers

Join us now for the next step in our development journey! 

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